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TRACK OF THE DAY: Yawwn – ‘Be A Man’

London quintet Yawwn extend beyond the palm-treed indie pop of debut single, Partisan, in latest release, ‘Be A Man,’ as they begin to free their own indie eccentricities into open and loosened liberties, without losing any chase.

Opening into almost absurdity, the tumble-runs of Yawwn’s tom-tom tropics quickly unravel into their trademark dream pop, all woozed out in thickened air, friendly in its comfort.

This cosiness is fabric to the track; with vocal smooths and instrumental room, all components breathe and shape in space. In ‘Be A Man’ Yawwn show such growing sensibilities, sensitive to lyrical semantics in development of character and narrative.

‘Be A Man’ sways at speed, somnambulatory in shifts, abstracted but accessible.

The middle eight removes from this intimate fire, retiring to a safer spot well-seated on a cloud, and observing verse-chorus dialogues gone by.

The track’s popping roll should perhaps instead suit a simple three-minute’s blast, with no need to outstay its radio-friendly welcome; however this criticism unpicks the well-structured song near unnecessarily.

In ‘Be a Man,’ Yawwn instigate themselves as an indie pop act of idiosyncrasy and chop, cultivating an unworried single staring at the sky.

‘Be A Man’ is out now via Secret Dinosaur Records – available to purchase/stream here.

Catch Yawwn playing live at the following dates:

27th May – City Sound Project, Canterbury
3rd June – Notting Hill Arts Club, London

Find Yawwn on Facebook and Twitter.

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