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TRACK OF THE DAY: Megan Dixon Hood – ‘Sea of Ice (Mer de Glace)’

Megan Dixon Hood’s music lingers, not in a flimsy or feeble way, but in the way a moment can sometimes, last forever. Through ethereal passages and wild absorptions of choral range, Hood’s presence is felt and honed. Her artistry is an extension of her creative interests and fascination with the natural world, reflecting the vast and picturesque landscapes of the mind and of the Earth, into a musical expansiveness of vivid form. A spellbinding brew that is honestly and carefully captured in new single, ‘Sea of Ice.’

Revisiting the sparse, evocative spaces of her earlier releases, while pushing forward and opening doors into unexplored avenues, Hood combines earthy electronics and driving pop/rock production with captivating storytelling of the folk genre. ‘Sea of Ice’ is as detailed and delicate, as it is intricate and rapturous, a combination hardly ever grasped so fittingly in a composition.

Matching the cinematic visuals, the track sprawls far and wide but always remains attached to Hood’s expressive harmonies and focused vocals. Envisioning a place of ‘bleak,’ ‘bare,’ and ‘desolate’ terrain, the song’s chorus provides sonic grounding as well as potent imagery, with languid keys, textured guitar and programmed drums.

As the first release from Hood this year, ‘Sea of Ice’ is a hugely ambitious but incredibly impressive statement to start with, let alone to better. A song that might just well be the centrepiece of Megan Dixon Hood’s oeuvre to date.

The new single ‘Sea of Ice’ is out now via PoppaBubbleHead Records – available on iTunes here.

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