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TRACK OF THE DAY: Oddnesse – ‘Trust’

Oddnesse is an artist capable of weaving worlds of thought and potential inside her tunes – and her latest single ‘Trust’ certainly does not disappoint. Think a moment of mindfulness made into music.

The track opens with a series of synths, foreshadowing possibility and inviting the listener to ponder, before blissful bass and a resounding upbeat rolls in. This is music made to savour; perhaps even more precious in an age where so much sound seems frantic or forced under pressure, in its attempt to make an impression.

Lyrically it also has a delicious lingering quality as Oddnesse reflects: “Maybe you’re happy and in another life/ Maybe it’s yet to arrive.” The bass really resounds in this track, and combined with the sensuous, sashaying vocals lends a meditative quality the listener can ease themselves into.

Then the chorus arrives – and although its lines are simple “I know you see it/ When you believe it,” the blend with bass is built-up with a hi-hat intensity to hit an anthemic accessibility. Imagine the verses are ripples and this chorus is the warm wash of a wave. The ongoing lyrics seem to confirm this sensuousness: “Everywhere I go, I’m right at home/ Infinite galaxies to call my own,” Oddnesse crafting her voice to caress every syllable, with a notable summery suitability.

There’s another blissful burst of chorus the second-time round, before a well thought out fade-out, which adds additional intensity to this strategically simple tune. The bass, by this point, has developed a more extended, reflective quality, as the tone is topped with appreciation through “All that you’ve done for me/ Means the world to me.” Repetition means that a resounding pace is set – and it sure is powerful.

A sonic shift towards the end sees guitar edginess guiding us through the chorus in a different  light, its closing lines of “I know you love it/ When you come down from above it” and lingering over ‘love’ given force as followed with a single drumbeat. A track which tells of the importance of appreciating the qualities of thought, connection and love inside a beautiful piece of craft.

The new single from Oddnesse is out now via Make More Records – available to purchase on iTunes here.

Find Oddnesse on Facebook and Twitter.

Emily Oldfield
Lover of music, poetry and Manchester.

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