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TRACK OF THE DAY: Alex Lucas – ‘Honey’

After dropping his debut single ‘Fade Away’ in early 2017, Belgium-based artist Alex Lucas is coming at us again with another musical treat in the form of new single ‘Honey.’

Catchy from the get go, the song seems to tell the tale of a guy warning a friend about a girl that thinks she’s ‘it’ and is probably just using him. A recurring theme we’ve previously encountered in ‘Fade Away.’ However, the chorus with its hook, “How bad you want it, honey?,” definitely sticks in the brain and will have you humming it all day.

The song has everything from ’80s synth beats to a layered crescendo ending which not only translates great musically, but the aesthetically-pleasing video accompanying the track also mirrors the music perfectly.

For what has been an uncomfortably long interlude between tracks, ‘Honey’ thankfully is, worth the wait – a fun, funky tune that provides a deeper gaze into the sonic escapades of an exciting young artist.

The new single ‘Honey’ is out now – available to purchase on iTunes here.

Find Alex Lucas on Facebook and Twitter.

Marla Geesing
Music writer with a love for honest lyrics – and may have a serious concert addiction. Based in Germany.

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