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TRACK OF THE DAY: Amber Run – ‘The Weight’

After losing another founding member of the band recently, Nottingham-formed pop-rockers Amber Run haven’t call defeat, instead they look ahead with the exciting news of an upcoming EP release. The unveiling of the EP, titled The Assembly, will take place on May 11th and ahead of its release, the trio have given us the fortune of a brand new single – ‘The Weight.’

The track itself is a beautifully written love song and contains a stunningly soft, symphonic melody that’s sustained throughout. Lead singer Joe Keogh’s soothing and hypnotic voice entrances from the get go, demanding your full attention, to which you will happily concede.

With strong emotive lyrics, such as “I wake up early to watch you as you wake” and “I don’t want money and I don’t want God. I just want to live under the weight of your love,” the scope of emotional appeal is great and can’t help but resonate with anyone who has ever felt love, whether it be for a partner, a child, a parent, or even a dog. When have we not all taken a moment out to appreciate our loved ones? As if this wasn’t spoiling us enough, the impeccable harmonies only emphasise the strength of these lyrics, willing you to listen and re-listen to appreciate the haunting beauty of the song.

‘The Weight’ will feature on Amber Run’s forthcoming EP, The Assembly. Pre-orders of the record and various merchandise bundles can be purchased now via the band’s website.

Find Amber Run Facebook and Twitter.

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