LIVE REVIEW: Talkboy at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds.

With as yet no music released online from recently formed Talkboy, going to their debut gig – supporting Public Access T.V. at Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club, I didn’t really know what to expect.

I knew the six-piece included members of fellow Leeds-based bands, but was I to be met with elements of the self-assured, reverberating groove of Alt-Rock Fizzy Blood, the smooth, pulsating lightness of Electronic trio Laminate Pet Animal or something else entirely?

What I was presented with was a glorious mixture of these two influences and more besides, not quite as heavy as I expected but with a solid, three-guitar-generated base leaving room for a shared male-female vocal union and cyclic, tumbling keys. Elements of band-members’ respective styles collided which, whilst beautiful on the night, I feel have not yet been fully blended, an underlying potential so obvious it was almost frustrating.

They seemed to be figuring out how they are to interact on stage and there was the feeling of everyone holding back slightly, but being a debut gig, who can really blame them? Their set was a thoroughly impressive first performance that I found more unusual and engaging than that of the more experienced bands they shared the stage with that night, who by-the-by would have been a damn-sight easier to compare to other artists.

Unusually my favourite songs played were the first three in their set, appearing the most practiced and confident. I wish I could link these particular songs, but as I sadly can’t, you’ll just have to jump on this train early by following Talkboy on Facebook ahead of the release of their debut EP, planned for June. My prediction for this EP – textured, genre-blending art, which will highlight Talkboy’s potential to become a staple of the Northern music scene and most importantly, will make people Talk, Boy!

Talkboy will be supporting PLAZA at Hyde Park Book Club on the 25th March and will return to Brudenell Social Club for Gold Sounds Festival in May – get tickets here.

Find Talkboy on Facebook and Twitter.

Zoe Peck
Music blogger from Leeds

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