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TRACK OF THE DAY: Westerman – ‘Confirmation’

Westerman follows up his Call And Response EP with latest single ‘Confirmation,’ a meditative moment that asks not to “think so much about it.”

‘Confirmation,’ as the West London artist says, “is about the difficulties of infinite choice and the feeling of trying too hard when actually the best ideas come when you’re going with it.” Even though Westerman applies the message to his own creative process, it also tackles one of the many layers of capitalism; this one we are all confronted with when facing the dreaded never-ending yogurt fridge in massive superstores. This brings up the idea of intuition, which the artist, conscious of the limits of a song, doesn’t really explore: he just says ‘go with it.’

The idea is too broad and it may be best to leave it there; because what is intuition? Is intuition the ‘not-thinking-about-it’ Westerman is singing about? Isn’t intuition a pattern of behaviours and consequent feelings we have dragged from our childhood?

Whatever the debate can be, Westerman’s creative effort in this track is marvellous. It marks a progression from his early sound, influenced by the likes of Nick Drake and David Byrne. Westerman’s craft has gone beyond these; but as all mentors, he still respects his masters whether he wants it or not, and Nick Drake’s silky echoes and stupendous lyrics are present in the song.

‘Confirmation’ continues a string of collaborations with electronic producer Bullion, which is helping Westerman continue sculpting the big marble of his own sound.

‘Confirmation’ is out now via Blue Flowers. Westerman is scheduled to headline London’s Shacklewell Arms on Wednesday 11th April, tickets are on sale now and available here.

Photo Credit: James Sinclair

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