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After succeeding triumphantly as the crowned winners in the last edition of #BitterSweetPlaylist, we now satisfy our promise by gifting an exclusive chat with electronic pop duo Prides. The song which landed them here, ‘Born to Be Whole,’ is as emotionally investing as they come, told in typical Prides-style with hand-on-heart lyricism, punch-the-air melody and a huge build. It’s all fantastically glorious. 

Capturing a wistfulness of time-old regrets and open-door intimacy, ‘Born to Be Whole’ feels like the song we’ve been waiting to hear since the band started but never quite glimpsed. This is a portrait of a band so self-aware, so comfortable in their own fragility, unafraid to go big with grand gestures that nothing can stop their music from connecting with its listener. Prides never skip on meaning or substance, and they always reach for the stars, their open-hearted anthems teach us to never stop believing and to embrace our feelings – and what better message to take away.

In ‘Many Things About…’ we like to keep the questions entertaining and random, but most importantly, revealing. (After all, that’s what you came here for, right?) So we hope you enjoy, and let us know who next you would like to see in the hot seat.

What first attracted you to music?

I grew up in a house drenched in music. From morning ’til night my Dad was always playing something, from Emerson, Lake & Palmer, to Whitney Houston, to Kate Bush, to Coal Chamber. There was always sound. I remember looking through his vinyls feeling like there was something magical about them. I started playing piano when I was young, and always had a natural affinity with it, but it really wasn’t ’til I hit teenage years and started playing guitar that I started seriously considering writing.

Can you tell us a fact about your new single – ‘Born to Be Whole’?

The vocals are a one take, the very first time I sang the song. I lay on the floor in the hallway listening to the song in the next room, and that was it.

What’s your favourite dance move?

I’m always partial to the robot.

If you had to pick just one look from the ’80s that you’d still rock today, which one would that be?

New Romantic. All day every day.

Do you remember the first time you were recognised in public, what happened?

Yeah someone stopped me in a shopping centre and got a photo. It was surreal. It’s still surreal! I don’t think you ever get used to stuff like that. I certainly haven’t.

If you could create anything as a new piece of merchandise, what would it be?

I’d like a denim jacket with the logo embroidered on the back. Just for myself really!

How do you take your coffee?

Like I like my men. Black & strong.

What’s the best piece of news you’ve heard this week?


What makes you happy?

Friends, family, Dungeons&Dragons.

If you could get a selfie with any celebrity, who would that be and why?

Tom Hanks, because it’s Tom Hanks.

What’s coming up for Prides this year?

A Mind Like the Tide: Part Two is dropping the 30th of March! Can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

Prides will be releasing ‘A Mind Like the Tide: Part Two’ on 30th March 2018, featuring the single ‘Born to Be Whole’. Pre-Orders can be made here.

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