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TRACK OF THE DAY: Youth Sector – ‘No Adventure’

Brighton four-piece Youth Sector create a whirlwind of sonic elegance with sophomore single ‘No Adventure.’ Off the back of some well-earned critical acclaim within the blogosphere from debut release, ‘Dig It And Repeat’ (released only a month ago), the band don’t wait around in showing us that they are ready and willing to be the next big thing on everybody’s lips.

Clocking in at three and a half minutes, ‘No Adventure’ stands as a behemoth of guitar led post-punk for the modern era. Sprinkling in hints of QOTSA and Jack White with the grandiosity and quirks of Television and Talking Heads, Youth Sector have a true uniqueness to their sound that’s unlike many punk bands around today. With a chorus as punchy as they come, it grabs you by the hair and pulls you full throttle into their world.

Guitars with synth-like qualities plaster ‘No Adventure’ and even the peculiar warped bridge after the first chorus feels like it strikes home. Executed with eloquent sophistication and fluency, the transitions between perverse eccentricity and heavier bluesy territory feel monumental, in a good way of course, changing the tone entirely at the click of a button. Whilst Youth Sector claim no assurances in this one, they sure as hell take you on a journey.

‘No Adventure’ is out now – available on iTunes here.

Youth Sector’s upcoming gig dates are as follows:

26/02/18 – Komedia, Brighton
12/04/18 – The Bees Mouth, Brighton
20/04/18 – The Finsbury, London

Photo Credit: Jodie Canwell

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