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Amber Run has never been a band that rests on its laurels. Compelling and emotive, their recently released Acoustic EP delivers four unique sensations through a collection of original material, and alternate renditions of other artists’ music. The undressed adaptations are, at once, precise, spellbinding, and affecting. Revealing a tenderness and wholeheartedness that can have only been found via this risk-taking approach. The EP has focused the band’s talents, awarding the end listener a true depiction of where Amber Run is at today – as well as an investing twelve minutes of musical proficiency.

Below, vocalist Joe Keogh explains the thought processes behind the new EP – discussing the deeper significance behind the tracklisting, and how re-imagining the production and song arrangements informed a new outlook.

No Answers

It was a really tough transition with this song. The original is so visceral and angry. So to sweep that away and make it more self aware was a really interesting challenge. I really love this version now – it completely changed the meaning of the song for me. Made it more thoughtful then I ever realised it was.

Fickle Game

‘Fickle Game’ was an acoustic song in its first form so to strip it back to its original state was actually quite easy. It’s a deeply sentimental song, so to give space for lyrics like “Old enough to know I’ll end up dying and not young enough to forget again” room to breath – can only enhance the gravity of that sentiment.


‘Alaska’ is nothing like anything that we would be able to, or attempt, to write. That’s why we thought it would make a really interesting cover. It doesn’t go where we would go lyrically or syllabically so it was a really engaging challenge to attack. We had a few different forms of the song but feel like this one came out the most truthfully.

Higher and Higher

This was one of my favourite songs growing up. At first glance it’s so happy and naive, but as you dig deeper there are so many emotive undertones telling a wider story. It has a beautiful melody and is such a wonderful song to perform. I hope we did it any form of justice.

Amber Run’s ‘Acoustic EP’ is out now – and available to Stream/Purchase here.

Amber Run’s upcoming tour dates are as follows:

Thursday 26th October | La Maroquinerie, Paris, France
Friday 27th October | Het Depot, Leuven, Belgium
Saturday 28th October | Bitterzoet, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Monday 30th October | Papiersaal, Zürich, Switzerland
Tuesday 31st October | Metro By Grand Casino, Basel, Switzerland
Wednesday 1st November | Zoom, Frankfurt, Germany
Thursday 2nd November | Musik & Frieden, Berlin, Germany
Friday 3rd November | Knust, Hamburg, Germany
Saturday 4th November | Gebäude 9, Cologne, Germany
Sunday 5th November | Strom, Munich, Germany

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