LIVE REVIEW: Cosmo Calling at Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Cosmo Calling’s single release shows are becoming something of a hot ticket in Manchester. Their debut single show for ‘On The Wire’ hosted by New Street Records was a triumphant evening, and the same has to be said of their Soup Kitchen performance with Scruff Of The Neck. The band are crafting their conquest of the Manchester scene carefully.

The atmosphere in the bowels of Manchester’s Soup Kitchen was jubilant, after all, there was plenty to look forward to. Cosmo Calling arrived to a heroes welcome, launched straight into their first song, and instantly struck a chord with the crowd. Old bangers like ‘Misshapen Hands’ and ‘Sugar’ were well received, and their new single ‘Like Lightning’ brought a poppy energetic punch to proceedings, with vocal acrobatics and pulsating guitar lines scattered throughout.

The band even snuck in some audience participation. Sing-a-longs (aided by a carefully deployed Gorillaz cover) and shout outs were abound. The band encouraged the audience to crouch and leap up at the climax of one song, and though a tried and tested method to get the blood pumping, it was nonetheless a success.

Cosmo Calling continue to put on entertaining shows without a hint of cynicism or tiredness. They’re really picking up on the momentum their first single propelled them forth with, and we’re likely to be hearing a lot more from them in future.

Cosmo Calling’s new single ‘Like Lightning’ is out now – and is available on iTunes here.

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