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Ahead of Goose Island’s infamous LDN Block Party on 23rd September, I spoke with Dan Baker of Basildon’s disco provocateurs, Courts, to discuss the band’s genesis and their visions for the future. Now in its second year, this party is renowned for bringing beer and music lovers together for a night which transports the spirit of Chicago to East London. This year, headliner’s White Lies will be supported by some of the country’s best up and coming bands, including: Courts, Superfood, Honeyblood, and The Age of L.U.N.A.

Courts manages to combine elements from so many different genres; how did the band’s sound take shape?

It’s honestly changed so much over time because we’ve changed as a band over the years. I suppose it all started with our collective love for guitar bands, so it stems from that. But I guess as you grow older and your taste matures and changes, you change with it. So as what we were listening to shifted, the music we made underwent that same shift. It’s impossible to nail down how the sound developed specifically, but it was a very natural process.

What are some of the bands key influences?

Collectively, we’re all really into Soul, Funk, and Disco. But we’re also into guitar bands. We were all born in the early ’90s and grew up through that period of guitar music, so even bands like Oasis have influenced us. Although our sound is nothing like theirs, I think we took influence from their power as a live band.

A lot of bands are moving away from conventional rock and indie music and experimenting with new musical styles; why do you think this emphasis has suddenly shifted so dramatically?

People will always try and push boundaries, but people will also always try to recycle in order to find something new. At the moment I think a lot of musicians are looking backwards for inspiration. I think the internet has a played a massive role in that, because people have access to so many different forms of music, and so they can blend genres that wouldn’t previously have seemed obvious partners.

What do you want to achieve with Courts and the music you make?

To be honest, for us it’s all about connecting with people. I know that sounds cheesy, but so much music is so throw-away at the moment. They churn it out and it’s just shite. So for us it’s about engaging with people and making people care. Really, all we want to do is make people dance and make people happy.

You’re set to play Goose Island’s LDN Block party on the 23rd of September. Who are you most looking forward to watching from the line up?

Yeah, obviously White Lies have been round for a bit, so it’d be great to see them. I got really into Superfood when their first record came out; and then I think Age of L.U.N.A are playing as well, so I’m gonna make a point to go and see them.

Make sure you head on down to Goose Island’s LDN Block party to check out Courts’ feel-good blend of Disco, Funk and Soul. With a great selection of music, beer and activities to choose from, it’s bound to be a night to remember. Buy tickets HERE.

Photo Credit: Jessica Seeking

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