Fresh Perspective: Enter the Spellbinding World of Maddy Storm with ‘Tempest’

Maddy Storm’s ‘Tempest’ is deliciously turbulent. It opens with a note of longing, before a rousing drumbeat and exploratory vocals flick open the emotions like a brilliant blade of sound.

It’s the type of music which cuts into your concentration and allows you to focus on the experience – a powerful single which incensed listeners on the release date of July 14th and continued to impress at the official live launch at Jimmy’s NQ, Manchester on the 15th.

Storm’s voice veers across the tones of feeling as the track unfurls into the imploring: “Tempest, take my hand” – turning the track into a tale of passion personified. “It’s all new to me,” she says, before sashaying maracas add a rousing rhythm overlaid by a dark wash of guitar.

It’s an impressive take on many emotional levels, and notably, Storm crafts her vocals like a kind of instrument –  ascending and blending notes which allows the listener to appreciate that this is a track of formative feeling. The repetition of “It’s all new to me” affirms, the lyrics to be simple and symbolic rather than overtly complex, allowing the listener to reflect on the enormity of personal response.

The track develops into a creative jam of spiralling vocals, flowing drums, and rhythm, contemplating “Dreams of paradise” – those heady heights of the ‘tempest’ of love. A track telling of the intensity of passion, and one to be experienced in itself.

We were also able to speak to Maddy Storm about her new single and experience as a musician so far:

Can you talk about some of the inspirations behind ‘Tempest’ and the choice of track title?

Maddy Storm: “‘Tempest’ was mostly written in a time of reflection when I was on holiday. The song seemed to all come together based around the first lyric. After the song was complete I felt that ‘Tempest’ epitomised the energy and turbulence of the track.”

The launch night is set to feature ‘art installations and surprises’. Do you think a multi-sensory element/artistry is important to music and why so? 

MS: “To me it is integral, I’ve always been a lover of art and I want to combine many creative outlets to build an experience for those who come to my gigs.”

Can you describe the ‘experience’ of your music?

MS: “It could be likened to a late night drive.”

How has the last year been for you as a musical artist? 

MS: “It has been more than I could’ve hoped for, or expected. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.”

Is there are a musical community in Manchester you feel part of? What other artists would you recommend?

MS: “There is a great sense of support In Manchester between artists, we all go to each other’s gigs and genuinely love each other’s music. In terms of recommendations I highly suggest that everyone should listen to Crimsons, Charlotte Cannon, Sam Craighan and The Blinders.

“There is a sort of uprising in Manchester at the minute and it is a beautiful thing to be involved in.”

What about your other creative plans for the future?

MS: “I have a few ideas in the pipeline. The next steps for me are mainly visual, I am working on a music video currently. I also plan to record a larger body of work for release in the autumn.”

The new release ‘Tempest’ is out now, and available on Spotify and iTunes.

Find Maddy Storm on Facebook and Twitter.

Emily Oldfield
Lover of music, poetry and Manchester.

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