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Hot from their German tour in May with Pardon Ms, Arden, Larkins release the titular single from their forthcoming EP. ‘Sugar Sweet’ is a pretty, but powerful three-minute disco-destroyer that raises the game with its combinations of flirtatious pop and fiery rock ‘n’ roll.

Henry Beach (bass) and Dom Want (guitar) were full of enthusiasm off the back of their German experience: “The crowds were great. Munich was rammed, and it was a great city to be in. German crowds altogether are just mint.

“With British crowds you sometimes feel like you’ve got something to prove, but over there it seemed everyone was open to enjoying the night and having a good time,” says Beach.

“It’s a massive step to take our music to the continent, and we’re very privileged to be able to do that,” says Want.

He continues that: “Sugar Sweet has been really well received over there,” noting that: “It’s a crowd pleaser that gets people dancing.”

The track runs with vintage Larkins groove, as verses cast Beach and Joe Stott (drums) locking in from the off. They seize us into a shuffle, insatiable for more, as Want laces the treat with melodic delights to the storytelling singing of Josh Noble (vocals and guitar).

“Straight from the get-go, me and Joe have had a really good connection,” says Beach, “and these songs [‘Wasted Years’ (previous single, released February 17th in association with Scruff Of The Neck), and ‘Sugar Sweet’] are two really good songs to show that. Their groove really shows off the connection that me and Joe have got together pretty quickly.”

Noble welcomes us into his heart, commanding danceable choruses with heartfelt pleas of: ‘How was I to know / We could be more than just good friends’, while Want strings wails to match, before middle-8 souls split to the sugary sound of pounding drums and voluptuous bass.

“This year we’ve been listening to all sorts of different music, trying to be more creative and original with our ideas. From ‘Velvet’ and the first EP, we’ve definitely transitioned into finding our sound and what we want to be,” says Want.

‘Sugar Sweet’ is a song that has been growing with Larkins throughout their career. “Josh came up with the initial idea ages ago. We loved it, and tried ages to make it work and it didn’t happen.

“We’ve actually used the line ‘Sugar Sweet’ in probably five songs, but we’ve kept changing and evolving it. It was definitely a case of evolving a song so much that it would become something completely different,” says Beach.

The track thereby undoubtedly manifests the evolution the band have undergone, representing how they have developed as musicians and songwriters.

“We always try with our songs to make it flowing up and down. Bits full on, and bits where it breaks down and gives people a bit of breath, and then comes back in punching. That’s important to our set as a whole, and the use of guitar effects definitely helps that along,” says Want.

‘Sugar Sweet’ is a statement from Larkins that talks all night for hours; a peak around the corner for what is to come, as they use their groove driven rises and falls to plough the song into our hearts.

“We’re always trying to improve and see an incline with what we’re doing, gaining more and more fans. The aim is to be writing the best music we can do, and performing the best we can do. We love it, so we’re just going with the flow and enjoying it,” says Want.

‘Sugar Sweet’ will be released on June 23rd, through Scruff Of The Neck.

Larkins tour the UK this summer:

June 28th | Oporto, Leeds
July 5th | Think Tank, Newcastle
July 6th | Bar 15, Dundee
July 7th | Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh
July 8th | Nice ‘N’ Sleazy, Glasgow
July 20th | The Polar Bear, Hull
July 22nd | Tramlines Festival, Sheffield
July 23rd | Blackthorn Festival, Stockport
July 29th | Kendal Calling, Cumbria
August 12th | Fringe Festival, Edinburgh
August 15th | The Louisiana, Bristol
August 16th | The Full Moon, Cardiff
August 17th | Thousand Island, London
August 19th | The Bodega, Nottingham
September 15th | Head For The Hills, Ramsbottom

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