EP REVIEW: Junior Empire – ‘Junior Empire’

London group Junior Empire prime their candidacy as centurions of the all-night rave with the release of their first full body of work. A collection which flaunts eclectic contemporary influences against a brilliant audacity for breaking any and all genre rules, the five-piece effort, thus, is the perfect introduction to this exciting new band.

Transforming through the tropes of EDM and alternative indie, ‘I Know’ leads with vibrant flavours of Milky Chance and Kygo as Junior Empire detail a dysfunctional relationship fuelled by rapture and blinded by desire: “I could feel your love,” an impassioned vocal let’s up as if now conscious to the deception of their perpetrator. Velvety keys push forward the uplift of the track’s inept appeal, whilst jagged cuts of guitar ensure that a perfumed amount of disruption is audible in the mix to temper any flatlining. There is no question about it, ‘I Know’ is destined for summer hit status.

The thrusters are re-calibrated by the time we meet second track ‘Said and Done’, for an Ella Eyre-esque drum-and-bass meets pop procedure of fantastic precision. A Radio One ready package of skip-and-jump percussion, tight vocals and a chorus full of chanting ‘oh-oh‘s’ that will grab any easily-tempted pop fan. The indie heart of the piece jumps out on ‘West Coast’, a Streets-esque spoken word start is tracked by sparse bass and subtle keys, before colliding into a swell of sumptuous chorus for a breezy interlude of distorted guitar and escapist but melancholy lyrics.

Previous releases ‘Decide’ and ‘Danger’ round off the debut gathering, the former remains in a mid-tempo lull of rolling guitar and emotionally turbulent lyrics, leaving the latter to shake off the weight that the previous inflicted. All in all ‘Danger’ is a simple track but one that uses all of its parts to full effect, falling near the peppier end of Kasabian, it makes for an adequate closing memento to this roller-coaster of new-age indie-dance pop.

The debut EP is released now. Purchase on iTunes here.

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