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TRACK OF THE DAY: The Machiavellis – ‘She’

Space dust fuzz fills my head with the new single, ‘She’ from The Machiavellis; the bass line hook is full of good intentions with tender atmospheric guitar riffs panning from left to right, swaying my consciousness, both delivered by the talented Ruben Elbrond-Palmer, whom also produced the track.

Some of the lyrics are lost, however the delicacy of the vocals are beautifully delivered by Megg Rorison. There are times where the lyrics are barely the focus and at times I think this benefits the song, so more of that could have improved the deep fuzz lust of this track. The half way point has a distorted break which pulls all the elements together, a wonderful lift in development from their previous single, ‘Melancholia / Pathos‘.

The B side Grey Day Machine’, fits the stereotypical purpose of a B side perfectly, not as catchy as the main single but the atmospheric notion and intention of the song is on point. The harmonic structure of the track is beautifully crafted, and the drums throughout both tracks deliver a steady thumping pace, gracefully provided by Jack Norton. A great great start to my day, thank you.

The new single ‘She’ from The Machiavellis can be purchased directly from Bandcamp here.

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Jacob Shoobridge-Chandler
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