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TRACK OF THE DAY: Westerman – ‘Roads’

Escapism may seem like a cowardly exit method at times, but it’s true we all need to breakaway every now and then, and it’s fair to say that music is one of those mediums that we turn to. Appropriately so, the coral-washed sounds of Westerman cannot project a more fitting or absorbing ideal. Cleansing to the core and innately restorative, the London artist walks a solo path of introspection on ‘Roads’.

Fulfilling all expectations as a comeback track (‘Roads’ being the first material released in almost a year), we are sent on a invigorating safari through sonic territory. Taking in ruminations of plucked guitar, soft pulses of voice, phantasms of ghostly electronics, multitudes of melodic interjections and jazz-style piano. Westerman continues to surprise, in wondrous ways, the power that acoustica can possess – bridging the singer/songwriter model with innovative and distinct flavours of his own choosing.

Though various influences are present and infuse the music with a precious seasoning, it is Westerman’s own spirit that truly lifts and verbalises the brilliance of his musical explorations.

Westerman’s new single ‘Roads’ is released now through Blue Flowers. Stream/Purchase here.

Photo Credit: Bex Day

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