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TRACK OF THE DAY: Method Actress – ‘Point Of View’

‘Point of View’ is the first single from the newly formed Brighton post-punk outfit Method Actress. After a great deal of personal difficulty, Milo McNulty and Max Wright are throwing themselves back into the musical melting pot. They have expanded on the powerful dual guitar dynamic, which in many ways defined their previous project Morning Smoke, with a deeply melancholic and melody driven edge. The result of this sonic progression is a song which blends Morrissey style vocals with deeply textured and subtly interwoven guitar lines, connoting the sound of Sonic Youth, The Cure and Joy Division.

Structurally, ‘Point of View’ is elemental, wave-like in its character. The strident, spacious drum sound of Kit Beale-Wharton sets an easeful pace. From here, dual guitars teetering towards a mellow crunch and saturated with chorus bind themselves together, propelling us forward. However, as the last airs of reverb decay with the words, ‘Am I wrong, Am I right?’ Method Actress seem to leave us with a blank sonic canvas.

Soon enough, layers of dream-pop infused guitar begin to intermingle, painting a delicate, continually evolving picture of eye-watering melancholy. This subtle instrumentation highlights the track’s beautifully sensitive and introspective lyrical focus; imposing a tension, a quiet frustration in the unknowability of one’s past and future experiences.

The debut single ‘Point Of View’ is out now through Ra-Ra Rok Records. Purchase on iTunes here.

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