Technicolour Dreams: Touring the Prides Way

We all know by now that Prides are famed for their highly praise-worthy live shows and punch-the-air musicality but what we don’t see that often is a sneak behind the scenes of those infamous tour parties – pre-gig, backstage, and live and in the moment. Wait no longer, Cameron Brisbane has captured it all on film. During a period of performances in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and London, we get an intimate and colourful look at what happens on tour (and what stays on tour). It’s all documented in pictorial form below, alongside a Q&A with the band.

Scala, London – 21st March 2017

What made this tour different from all the others?

Prides: “We always have a great time out on tour, but this was especially fun being our first European tour. One of the best things about being away is getting to see new places, and meet fans from different cities. There were lots of people who had been waiting for us to play a show for a long time, so it was nice to get out and visit them. Plus getting to go out with a band like PVRIS, who are all total sweethearts, and put on a hell of a show, is always inspiring.”

Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh – 12th May 2017

Scotland – the one and only home for Prides?

Prides: “Scotland definitely informs a lot of what we do, and we love being in Glasgow, but London certainly feels like our home away from home. We’ve been working on the new record a lot there recently. Plus hell, plenty time for a villa in the Maldives yet. Anywhere with just a little more sun.”

Lemon Tree, Aberdeen – 13th May 2017

We’ve had a short spell of new music hitting our ears of late but when’s more coming?

Prides: “Well we’re hoping to announce the new record really soon, and working on new music all the time. It’s been quite a while since The Way Back Up, so we’re eager to let people hear what we’ve been up to. The engine’s warming up, foot is on the gas.”

Prides will perform at Barn on the Farm in Gloucestershire over the weekend of 29th June – 2nd July 2017. For more information head to the Website.

All photos were provided by Cameron Brisbane.

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