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TRACK OF THE DAY: Indoor Pets – ‘All My Friends’

We here at Bitter Sweet towers are big supporters of Indoor Pets, and new single ‘All My Friends’ does nothing to diminish this fanaticism. With all their grunge-pop trademarks intact, there’s a newfound element of subtlety in the bittersweet (ha) chord progression in the chorus. This is reflected well, equally, in the snatches of melancholic lyrics gleamed throughout, the visceral “I’m a mess that should be cleaned,” and scathing “They’ve bought homes with mortgage loans to look the part,” the weary highlights.

At this point it feels pertinent to usher in vocalist Jamie Glass to ramble on about what he is going on about. Deep breath…and:

I wrote it as a sort of anti-enjoyment song to compete with all of the age orientated pop music I hear in mainstream music. I wanted to use lyrics that would alienate people that live inside their bubbles whilst constantly trying to rationalise all of the safe decisions they made to get to that point.”  The song looks upon “dead” friends and the way of life the band fight to avoid – an inner battle of a creative brain trying to justify itself, Jamie expands: “Although the message is clear throughout song – I wanted to appear a little hypocritical and a little childish. I leaned towards using squeamish metaphors to make a mockery of the point I was making.”

Self-aware, self-deprecating, and self-confident, Indoor Pets bring their infectious sound to their biggest headline to date at London’s Dingwalls on May 25th. Check out ‘All My Friends’ below:

Photo Credit: Phoebe Fox

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