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TRACK OF THE DAY: Lostboycrow – ‘Devil’s in the Backseat’

The new music from Lostboycrow continues to pour bountiful like wine from a golden chalice, 2017 has already birthed three equally great yet varied fruits from the artist’s prolific catalogue. This time, intent to raise those temperatures higher and higher in the all-too tempting affair of ‘Devil’s in the Backseat’, a tussle with devilish charm ensues.

We’re not talking specifically about ‘the horned one’ but when up against temptation, can any real distinction be made? Edging away from the bop of recent release ‘Real Name’, a plush R&B flavour enters the frame and tantalisingly so. ‘Devil’s in the Backseat’ terms a newfangled definition to the sub-genres of ‘brooding pop’ and ‘seductive electro,’ snaking a web of alluring hooks to a hip-hop rhythm, and sealing the deal with a stunning vocal performance.

One day (hopefully soon) we will hear Lostboycrow’s work on Top 40 radio because if that’s not his destiny, then we’ll eat our own proverbial hat.

‘Devil’s in the Backseat’ will feature on the first of three Legends, of which together will make the final cut of Lostboycrow’s upcoming album, Traveler.

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