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TRACK OF THE DAY: Treeboy & Arc – ‘Austere’

The gloomy sounds of despair and unrest have run riot through the caverns of Leeds’ underground scene for many years, because after all, don’t we all need an outlet (or more purposefully, a platform) to project the disgust and disillusionment we hold near and dear. I think that’s the point anyway. So when a band like Treeboy & Arc appear on the scene with a belly full of rage and pent up aspiration, we indeed have to listen. And second single ‘Austere’ makes it hard to do anything but.

Engorged in a squirmish Wytches-esque rumble, Treeboy & Arc make their ascent for a near two minute introduction. Drums rise above the mix and snare us in their grip, guitars incinerate what’s left, leaving a murky distorted bassline to spew its guts over the arena. By this point, we’re well and truly gagging for the vocal to come in, it’s a fantastic build up but one that’s possibly nurtured for twenty seconds over its welcome. When the vocal does come in, it’s a sanctified moment – torn from the depths and shot into the sky.

Treeboy & Arc present fulfilling promise here, masked in scruffy texture and caustic rattle, it won’t be for everyone but that’s the idea right? Revolt isn’t supposed to be enjoyed, it’s meant to disturb and displace.

Treeboy & Arc can be found in venues across Leeds on the following dates:


25th – Headrow House – Leeds (w/ Wytches)


7th – Brudenell Games Room – Leeds (w/ Weirds)
24th – Hyde Park Book Club – Leeds

Find Treeboy & Arc on Facebook and Twitter.

Charlotte Holroyd
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