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TRACK OF THE DAY: Mirror Fury – ‘Skinful’

“I want our music to just get straight to the point of things,” — In a pop music landscape that’s so often shrouded in mystique, singer Carina Bragg’s admission is a refreshing one.

Tewkesbury outfit Mirror Fury convey crystalline lyrics and open-hearted anthems that deliver an ample dose of pure humanity. The band’s latest offering, melancholic pop track ‘Skinful’, acts almost as a stream of consciousness tackling deeply personal experiences that touch on working-class poverty, prejudice and pining for escape.

The track soars along with an essence of grungy sophistication, and Carina’s dulcet tones offer a vocal cadence a little like Lana Del Ray at times. With her longing, fragile notes, the pop-ballad styled chorus strikes “And it hurts to remember, the way you left us so cold that day. And now I’m drowning my soul, I hope you’re no longer alone.” Drawing on aspects of personal experience gives the record that additional pathos – it’s emotive and raw, yet still manages to be disarmingly powerful.

On the whole, ‘Skinful’ offers a sparse, scaled down production that recognises the strength of fragility. It’s a heartfelt ballad, and the trajectories are tinged with sadness and longing in their decay. Yet every note and pulse carries a sense of purpose. No musical gimmicks necessary here.

Mirror Fury have several upcoming live dates, including a support slot with VÉRITÉ at Electrowerkz on 6th April, and another with The Society of Golden Slippers on 3rd May at Blacks, London.

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