EP REVIEW: Idle Crooks & Englishmen – ‘I Feel Like You Should Be More Dangerous’

Brighton-based noise makers Idle Crooks & Englishmen share a preview of their forthcoming EP ‘I Feel Like You Should Be More Dangerous’ today (listen here). The riff heavy blues punk outfit effortlessly mix genres – helped along by the distinct and present vocals of guitarist/vocalist Tom Hurn. That isn’t to say that the guitar or drums takes a backseat, the brutal mixing and punchy playing of the drums carries every song forward.

Riff is the key word for Idle Crooks. All the tracks start with an instantly catchy riff and waste no time in developing/exploding before one gets too comfortable. That explosive vibe, courtesy of Adam Hall’s frantic drumming, carries weight and is frequently found across the four tracks. ‘Strangers Greed’, a ballad in comparison to the raw delivery of the other tracks (most notably the closer ‘Witchcraft’). The pacing of the EP, aided by melodic breaks accompanied by Hurn’s crooning voice, is perfectly executed and lends itself to the expansive and filled out sound. For only a four song EP, it’s staggering how much the Crooks squeeze in. Riff after riff, drum fill after technical drum fill, crash after crash, you’re pulled along by the meaty hook they’ve tossed.

Crooks have a reputation for delivering off the chain, wild and intimate shows, having easily fitted on hardcore and grunge bills across the South, and the EP fully represents that live sound. Their excitement is tangible every time you meet them and you can tell that they are undoubtedly proud of this EP – a feeling that will come across in their set. Be prepared for screaming, crooning, cymbals and crying as Idle Crooks & Englishmen prepare to embark on their UK tour.

Join Idle Crooks & Englishmen on Friday 7th April to celebrate the EP release for a special hometown launch show at Brighton’s Hope & Ruin. Advance tickets are priced at £6, available here.

Find Idle Crooks & Englishmen on Facebook and Twitter.

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