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TRACK OF THE DAY: Rey Pila – ‘Ninjas’

Cult Records signees Rey Pila return with a new body of work this April, fronted by lead single ‘Ninjas’, the Mexican band bound forward with a new lease of life. Epitomising the work of new wave and alternative rock bands from the ’80s, Rey Pila bring about an assault of bolting synth, glorious vocal hooks and zig-zagging guitars. It’s a beautiful thing.

A mechanised drum beat drives the freight-train of action to reach Diego Solorzano’s kindly vocal, remarkably he doesn’t find himself in a fight with the volley of moving sounds surrounding him which is true testament to Rey Pila’s songcraft, every move is thought out and considered without seeming obvious.

Sounding like the poppiest version of Rey Pila that’s ever been adopted, it’s a fortuitous period for those of us out there that like our pop with a bit of fuzzy swagger, tag along next to A Flock Of Seagulls or Devo and you’ll find Rey Pila shimmying on down to a revitalised beat.

The new single ‘Ninjas’ is featured on Rey Pila’s forthcoming ‘Wall Of Goth’ EP, due for release on 28th April.

Find Rey Pila on Facebook and Twitter.

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