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TRACK OF THE DAY: Wyldest – ‘The Poet’

Wyldest’s new single is a joy for those individuals who, like myself, are synesthetic. It is a song which gushes colour from every pore. Purples, Pinks, Blues; each colour tells me that the legacy left behind by the likes of Cocteau Twins and Blonde Redhead isn’t dead yet.

The North London dream pop trio combine ethereal synth pads and chorus-drenched jangling guitar lines to create a continually evolving soundscape. This provides front-woman Zoe Mead with everything she needs to demonstrate her impressive lyrical dexterity and otherworldly vocal ability.

Wyldest truly proved their worth last year, with the release of their beautiful EP ‘Dark Matter’ on the Hand in Hive label. This new-fangled single anticipates something even more ambitious on the horizon. The kind of band we are dealing with here, is one whose members seem to look at every release and see it as an opportunity for a new sonic experiment.

With ‘The Poet’, Wyldest exhibit a desire to continually re-shape and refine the subtleties of their sound. They have certainly succeeded this time at least. Initially, ‘The Poet’ flirts with a moody electro-indie atmosphere, before plunging us into a groove so sweet you can practically taste the honey. The band’s ability to find the perfect balance between ethereal ambience and rhythmic momentum, marks Wyldest out as one of the most consistently impressive dream pop outfits in London right now. Well done guys. I hope to hear more and more from you.

‘The Poet’ is out now via Hand in Hive. Find on iTunes here.

Find Wyldest on Facebook and Twitter.

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