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TRACK OF THE DAY: TEAR – ‘Careless Again’

TEAR don’t hide behind pretension or facade, in fact, they prefer to bare their bruises and scars for all to see, warts and all. It’s a brave assertion of their humanity, and in today’s world this is a sure-fire way to be noticed. And noticed they are, for latest cut ‘Careless Again’ brings a fury like no other.

Finding cause to offload, ‘Careless Again’ beckons a serious tone underneath all of its sludgy riffs and thick bass lines, on one hand it’s a story of helplessness, on the other, a person lost in the wreckage of a life-changing loss. This pit of desperation feels impenetrable, Benett pleading and hanging on for dear life. But where there’s dire melancholy, a hankering to persist (or rather dwell) also thrives. So what materialises is a riotous, vengeful anthem-like ballad of great depth.

The O-Genesis signed foursome continue to prove themselves as promising songwriters and music makers, finalising our verdict that maybe there is hope in this world yet. Again in what’s become their trademark, the visuals bare a lo-fi vintage-90’s style TV ratio, stripping back the gloss and replacing with rough texture. We see the band on a road trip to the Californian desert; taking in the sights, it gets heated, danger lurks around every corner and the focus falls on Camille Benett’s beautifully heartfelt words.

For Benett, it’s personal: “I wrote parts of [Careless Again] a long time ago. It started off as a love song and then when my brother died I finished writing it, so now it feels like it’s about that too, maybe more so. I find it intense to sing live and if anyone talks during the quiet bits I feel like I’m gonna jump off stage and kick them in the head, although mostly I just death stare them until they stop.”

‘Careless Again’ previews the band’s forthcoming mini-album ‘VINYL01’, due 17th March via O-Genesis Recordings.

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