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LISTEN IN // San Cisco Take The B-Side

Our favourite Aussie troop broke their seal of silence late last year, offering up two shiny and equally brilliant musical tokens, in the disco-ball ready ‘SloMo’ and the catchy bop of ‘B-Side’. The latter is spiked with sunshine melodies and instant beachy hooks; a celebration of everything that makes the foursome great, and a delightful tease into the future hits of their upcoming third album.

In ode to their song about the magic of pairing one with another, the band have cherry picked a bunch of their all-time favourite flipsides, which we’ve grouped together in a nifty little playlist (you can find this below), along with some thoughts on why they chose them.

‘Raw Vis Vision’ / NO ZU
An animated, percussion heavy, live act from Melbourne that is very easy to dance to.

‘Ludlow’ / Body Type
A dreamy, lofi track that sounds like heartbreak.

‘Rather Be Lonely’ / I Know Leopard
Cool synth vibes and a great film clip.

‘Morphine’ / The Ninjas
A personal favourite of Jordi’s, produced by our good friend and long time collaborator Steven Schram.

‘Miss You’ / Young Franco
A fun dance track with smooth vocals – a great act to watch live.

‘Hidle Ho’ / POW! Negro
Amazing live show with a stage presence from hell.

‘Call My Name’ / Mosquito Coast
A couple of very talented young people who live just around the corner from us doing great things.

San Cisco’s latest release ‘B-Side’ is out now. Find on iTunes here.

Find San Cisco on Facebook and Twitter.

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