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Eat Fast’s ‘Sand Drone’ is a tune that meets in a head on collision with your ears and rattles all the space in between. The band are quick to start, jumping the gun with a foot-to-the-floor mentality, a refreshing introduction to their first sample of music this year.

‘Sand Drone’ is bedaubed in viscid layers of fuzz coating you in a thick, spine tingling static. Its raw tone is revitalising and yet covered in melody. With copious amounts of noise coming from each instrument, it’s astonishing that there’s a prodigious quantity of clarity and musicianship to gouge upon within the mix – something that places Eat Fast in a whole other ball park.

The vocals enter, with the rest of the band in tow, within the first phrase, what might seem disorientating rather becomes immediately immersive; as a listener you’re desperate to sing along. Drums and bass imitate the vocals in rhythm and often tonality to create a punk based groove and further compliment the vocal melodies, while the main vocals are echoed by Wombat-esque, reverb laden “oohs” acting as a palate-cleanser compared to the rest of the fuzz frenzy.

Despite its obvious punk influences there are many other genres hidden within this 2 minute lazy punk anthem, the last section of the song having an innovative folk orientated chord progression, rhythm and vocal melody.

Eat Fast could be described as the British ‘Fidlar’, but they are a band within their own right, with complexity, intelligence and superior songwriting skills. Eat Fast are the band to beat and ‘Sand Drone’ is a song not to be missed.

‘Sand Drone’ is available on limited edition 7″ vinyl, alongside previous single ‘Public Display of Affection’. Secure your copy here or if digital is more your speed, head to iTunes.

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Morgan Jones
Just a local Brighton musician that loves both local and big artists.

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