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EP PREMIERE: Fuoco – ‘Kape Kinevil’

Brighton-via-Margate twosome Fuoco incite invigorating chaos with EP ‘Kape Kinevil’, exclusively streaming below. The lucid nightmare slash dream cacophony slash sludge party begins as it means to go on: spiked with a wicked sense of humour, shaking out knee-deep canyon grooves alongside riffs that bow down to something holy.

Toni Mennecillo’s viscous conviction powers a rugged percussive section to jam itself into the cerebral cortex making way for James Gale’s howling desensitised yelps of self-reflection to settle the score, one all. Blurring the lines of just how far you can go with two instruments, Fuoco repeatedly slash out any aggression’s or frustrations that may be lingering in their bones, what becomes of this is more than a sum of its parts, it’s a redeeming catharsis. Or if you prefer a metaphor, it’s like a communal cold shower – the freezing water is a manifestation of the sonic landscape, which Mennecillo acutely describes as bordering on “insanity, depravity and destruction” and the collective sensibility derives from lyrical stems, in which Gale notes is about “blossoming into adulthood, and being resentful of all the people you care about.”

Introductory track ‘Where Am I ?’ confirms the EP’s title, and launches into a mission of discovery to eventually find that ‘Kape Kinevil’ has become their state of mind. Proving to be very resourceful with their track-listing, up next steams in EP launch single ‘Drink Your Tears’ (this is their Tigercub-style anthem) with a barnstorm of robust elements and ferocious hooks. Hunched over and walking to a one-legged rhythm is ‘I’m Going To Fucking Kill You’, the grim reaper of the piece but with a delicious slow burn, it’s certainly a keeper. A stand out moment comes in the form of diffused sloucher ‘Older Man’, its nuance from its counterparts is a smart thinking move for the band. Holding some nods to Brighton’s The Wytches, ‘Hunt’ closes the EP as a vivacious, body-trembling finale.

Fuoco’s ‘Kape Kinevil’ EP is released on Friday 13th January via M8s Records, available in exclusive CD format or digital download. Pre-ordering the EP will guarantee an immediate download of exclusive bonus track ‘Epic’, order here.

Fuoco will play the following launch shows for the EP:

13th January – Birthdays, London
14th January – Roost Resteruant & Cafe, Margate
20th January – The Quadrant, Brighton

Find Fuoco on Facebook and Twitter.

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