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TRACK OF THE DAY: W.H. Lung – ‘Inspiration’

Opening with whirling synths and an aggressive pushing bassline, Manchester three-piece W.H Lung’s debut track ‘Inspiration’ is a 7-minute psychedelic odyssey that relentlessly travels from motif to motif, yet never straying too far as to be unable to return.

Drum and bass hits punctuate each phrase, aiding the vocals in creating a staccato yet fluid first verse. Guitar drones create a spacious ground layer for the song as the bass, drums, and vocals (treated much more like an instrument than a story telling device) interlock to create infectious rhythms. What can really be commented on for this song is its intense feeling of rhythm and pace. Each section flows perfectly into the next, thanks to the subtle use of dynamics and vocal cues.

The first chorus, whilst short, breaks the drone for just long enough as to not feel too different or jarring. Following the next verse there is an extended instrumental section that sets the listener up for a final, rather Foals-esque, build to last chorus. And, as any odyssey does, we return to the place we started, with the bass, drums and synths reminding us where it all began allowing us to go all over again if desired.

Having only released a single track so far, this band (which has only been going for a few months), is definitely one to watch and has the musical scope to innovate on the psych scene.

‘Inspiration!’ will be released via the project’s own label Hed Glo Inc. on 25th November.

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