LIVE REVIEW: Toothless at The Pickle Factory, London

The Pickle Factory lies somewhere down a backstreet on the border of Hackney. Tucked away from the chaos of London town, it feels all too quiet on this brisk Monday night. With a capacity of only a couple of hundred people, tonight’s venue seems a world apart from the stages Ed Nash will be used to performing on with Bombay Bicycle Club. Winter has finally set in, it’s the perfect backdrop for this evening’s special performance of Nash’s debut album, ‘The Pace of the Passing’.

Toothless arrive on stage at around 9:30, Nash joined by his four-piece backing band graciously accept the applause bestowed upon them. The crowd goes silent and Toothless kick off with Charon, a beautifully harrowing track which leaves the crowd in awe. Sounding a little more delicate than the recorded version, new single Sisyphus manages to wow the audience and Toothless step confidently into their stride, blasting through Palm’s Backside, Alright Alright Alright and The Midas Touch. Not much of a talker, Nash lets the music speak for itself. With a calm, almost distant demeanour, all eyes are on Nash. Despite being something he may not be used to; he appears to relish in the role.

“You’re now halfway through the record” proclaims Nash, “Imagine yourself turning it over to the other side.” A highlight from this point on has to be The Sun’s Midlife Crisis, a dazzling ode to getting older which is as sweet as it is disturbing. The Sirens is a grand affair. The buttery smooth Fleetwood Mac-esque vocal harmonies come from Nash’s guitarist and keyboardist. The pair do really well emulating sisters, The Staves that feature on the recorded version of the track and blend with Nash’s vocals remarkably well. Terra is a perfect way to round out the set and the album. Elegantly poignant and very much heartfelt, the show ends and the audience are waiting for more, but alas there is no encore, for Nash has exhausted all he has been working on over the past few years.

‘The Pace of the Passing’ looks to be one of the albums of January, when it drops. Ed Nash has put his all into these songs and they definitely don’t disappoint. The shape of the album and ordering of the tracks is phenomenal, from science to mythology, it really has it all. A hint of Bombay, a sprinkling of Fleetwood Mac and a whole helping of introspection and awe is what’s in store.

‘The Pace of the Passing’ is available to pre-order now (here) and will be released on 27th January via Island Records. 

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