On Tour with Natalie McCool (Part 3)

This September saw alt-pop singer/songwriter Natalie McCool embark on her biggest tour to-date. The young artist kindly agreed to take us along for the ride as the headline tour made its way through some of the mightiest UK cities, we take in the surrounding sights and sounds told from the perspective of McCool, in her own animated way. So over to Natalie…

Day 11

DAY OFF!!! HALLELUJAH THANK THE GODS! We really needed it after getting blotto in Glasgow. And we are in the nicest ever place – Cambridge! After getting to the hotel which is rather like Bates’ Motel (but in a cool way) we head into Cambridge for a look around. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL HERE! I am due in for a session with the brill Sue Marchant on BBC Radio Cambridge this evening – I had such a great time!! I played two tracks live and had an amazing chat about the album and why I wrote it. It’s so great to talk about that! After leaving the BBC, we go back to the hotel and ZZZZZZZZZZZ.


With Laura back in London for something else musical me and James have a good adventure in Cambridge. We visited a chapel that owned a piano and tried to put the upstairs organist off what he was playing, by continuously pressing a note on said piano that was out of key…Muahaha. Then we gatecrashed a proper Cambridge college to use the loo and peek into the music room. “Yeah yeah we’re Fellows, for sure!” Muahahaha. We had a good look around the dinosaur and geological museum which was VERY INTERESTING (I’m not even joking I loved it) where I learnt in which conditions coral reef is created and how it grows (look it up it’s fascinating). We learnt that some million of years ago there were lions, hyenas and elephants walking around the UK when Europe was joined to Africa. Very very interesting.

Now it’s time to go to the venue and soundcheck! After watching the support bands who were brilliant we get on the stage. Cambridge, you are CHEEKY. At first I thought you wouldn’t really get my humour but how I was wrong! I have a song about how scientists may be wrong about the whole ‘love is just chemicals’ which I was a bit tentative to talk about as it looked like there were a lot of students there who may be studying science! But I went with it and it was such a brilliant night – thanks to everyone who came!


Hiya Leicester!!! We arrive on the busiest day of the YEAR. Leicester’s first game in the Champions League and the city is BUZZING! It’s really good to be here. We load in and soundcheck, and I have to move the van in a very busy and surprisingly drunk pedestrianised area OH GOD. So many middle aged drunk men shouting ‘GO ON LOVE’ – the Phil Mitchell’s of the world YES I WILL RUN YOU OVER. Jesus. After this hair raising experience on one of its busiest days of the year we go for some Wagamama’s in Leicester. It’s SO GOOD! Back at the venue and due to the football being on at the same time the audience was a bit thin on the ground! No bother though because we play for the people in the room no matter how many. Leicester I will visit you on a different day next time!! Peace out!

Day 14 – LONDON

London you cheeky thing! Very very excited to be here! We are going to Japan in November to play a festival so me and James go to apply for the visa’s today at the proper Japanese embassy – wow! It was really awesome. I am so gonna learn Japanese. We get to the venue for load in and soundcheck and actually it’s a bit stressful. I think everyone’s in a bit of a rush and there’s the support band’s gear everywhere and…really we just want a chilled soundcheck. After *kind of* getting one we go upstairs for some pretty epic food at the bar and I get to say hello to some of my besties who live in the big smoke. Love them! After having a few laughs and a good catch up with them, it’s music time! We are so amongst friends here and the venue is packed. I can hear my friends chipping in with various in-jokes making me laugh hilariously on-stage…the connection with the crowd is AMAZING tonight!! One of the best shows. Had a brilliant time. Thank you London!


Oooooo Brighton you are lovely and I LOVE visiting. We head straight to the venue for load in and soundcheck. This venue sounds brilliant!!! After soundcheck we go to find some legit Brighton fish and chips and we do…for £5.99 BARGAIN! We go to eat it in the park at sunset and it feels quite romantic…our penultimate tour date…although quite comical too as we are sat squeezed onto the tiniest bench ever trying to each eat our own huge portion of fish and chips and fighting over the one portion of mushy peas we ordered. Ha!

Back to the venue and the support acts are awesome!!! Loved it guys! I head to the loo before we get on stage and see the funniest bit of toilet graffiti ever…someone had written ‘Queef your insides out’ seriously I was on the FLOOR. I took a photo and uploaded it to our Whatsapp group so Laura & James get a fun surprise when they get off-stage hahahaha. Great gig and loved the support acts and LOVE Brighton!


LIVERPOOOOOOOOOOL you wondrous place!!! We are BACK home and it’s the final date of the tour! We are actually feeling quite blue because we have had the best time on this tour and we don’t want to go home but at the same time are hugely excited to play the album to our home crowd and see everyone!! Big show tonight!

I am actually pretty nervous which has been a rarity on the tour. I think it’s because I will know a lot of people who’ll be there, including some really close friends and music contacts. The pressure is truly on!!! I actually have to go home after soundcheck because I am that nervous…WTF! It’s ok though…my boyfriend Rich has been lovely and surprised me at soundcheck so he’s with me and calming me down haha. We head back to the venue after some lovely green tea at home and after two brilliant support acts who warmed the crowd perfectly, it’s time!!!!

OMG!!!!!! I can actually say that it was the BEST show ever. I truly had the most amazing time and the crowd were brilliant, the place was packed!! I didn’t want it to end!!! The crowd went wild for ‘Cardiac Arrest’ and ‘Feel Good’!! After finishing the last song ‘When You Love Somebody’ I can hear shouts of encore but we are waaaaay over time, and due to (very annoyingly) the venue putting on a club night directly after our show (silly idea guys) we are forcibly ushered out which resulted in everyone stopping outside and having a good old chat with each other – the merriment continued there which was lucky! After dropping the van off at James’ we head out into the night for a pretty epic time. James Brown was our soundtrack and we danced til our legs dropped off. THANK YOU LIVERPOOL!

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Natalie McCool’s new album The Great Unknown is out now. Buy your copy here.

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