On Tour with Whistlejacket (Part 2)

London psych-gazers Whistlejacket recently wrapped up their first touring spell of Europe, in this feature we bring you the band’s thoughts on the experience. As the tour continues, this final chapter see’s the band gear up to play Hamburg’s Psyche Fest and enjoy the simple pleasures of good food, good company and home comforts.

So over to frontman George Matheou for the rundown of what happened during the remaining nine days of the tour.

Hamburg Psyche Fest was next up and this was an early start. It was nice to have a walk around though. Reeperbahn – I don’t really know how to react! We found some nice bars after an age of walking though. The venue was awesome, and the accommodation was great! There was a room full of bunk beds, which was great for watching Match of the Day before bed. 

Berlin was awesome! The guys from Soda Fabric (and their friends) are just the best and the band is great. We played the show in their rehearsal space, shared with a pole-dancing studio. It was a fun little party. I would love to have them back to London and show them the generosity they showed us. We got their records that day too. 

As far as I’m aware Leipzig is some post apocalyptic warehouse space. It was amazing though! The venue was a tiny, tiny room, big enough for maybe 10 people but the whole bar fills for music and people watch from every corner. Those who can’t watch still listen and dance. Opposite was a “free shop” where everything was free but you could donate. Doug got salopettes, I got a book, and Danny got a t-shirt. 

Charlie spent his 25th birthday hanging out [looking after and managing] us in Saarbrucken instead of being with his girlfriend and friends celebrating in London. If you don’t know us you may not appreciate just how frustrating that can be. We got some beers after the show and sat on the riverbank with Bleib Modern. They’re sweet guys.

Munich is modern. The police told Danny off for crossing the road at the wrong place! Surely they must have something better to do? We were treated to a restaurant meal, and 3 free cocktails. The caipirinha’s were lethal! It was a small crowd but a fun show nevertheless. The room was on the second floor and there was a massive glass window that overlooked the street outside which was pretty cool. We saw an old lady getting told off by the police.


Nyon was the most beautiful place we went on tour. It’s the kind of place you take your girlfriend if you have the money, time and seriously, money! The promoter was so generous. He was so clearly doing it for the love of his town and music, and he took us to a restaurant where we had amazing food. There was duck, fresh, locally sourced fish, colourful salads and the wine flowed. In the bar we had free drinks all night and they had a speciality cocktail. We played the set for The Lexington show and had a blast. We ended the night on the riverbank with the band, before going to a hotel. They got us a hotel!!! With breakfast included!!! Best coffee of the tour as well!

Zwevegen is a long way from Nyon but the drive through Switzerland is beautiful and the playlist raged on. The show was exhausting though. My pedals broke and we played appallingly. I felt so deflated after such a good show in Nyon. We sold some merch though which was cool. I had a bad nights sleep as I forgot my sleeping bag in London – worst mistake ever!

Another early start and home is calling us! Brighton was first and we all got to sleep in our own beds with our girlfriends. No more floors, sweaty dudes and the rest. Showers, duvet, pillow – home. Bleach is a cool venue and the crowd was great, made all the better by some [girl]friendly faces. 

It felt so shit arriving separately to The Lexington. It started to sink in then, tour is over. We had a great party though. Krush Puppies and Shark Dentist were sick. It was Danny’s birthday; we SOLD OUT and so many friends came down as well. It was maybe the best show we’ve done, just such fun! It was the best way to finish a tour. The frozen bourbon peach iced teas were magnificent as well!

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Whistlejacket’s new EP ‘Oh Brother’ is available now on Fierce Panda Records. To stream and purchase, head here: http://smarturl.it/OhBrotherEP.

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