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Today we welcome back SHELLS with another one of her exquisitely crafted songs, ‘Jailbird’ is the Londoner at her most vulnerable and resilient. Breaking away from her captors charms to acknowledge a newfound freedom and self-awareness, it’s a play for inner strength.

Swirling harmonies pretty the intensity of SHELLS’ potent conviction, but with lyrics like: “I don’t feel any better now that I’m not my old dark self…maybe I’ll be cold without my protective shell” to propel the healing forward, there’s no chance of being fooled into thinking that this is a generic lifeless pop song. No way. SHELLS stands up for all those that need a little assistance in finding their own self-empowerment. And with a debut EP on the way very soon, there’s more still to come.

Catch SHELLS live at Mahogany’s Music Club showcase on 6th October at The King’s Head in London. SHELLS releases her debut EP ‘Shapes’ on 25th November via 5/5.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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