On Tour with Fairchild (Part 1)

Indie synth rockers FAIRCHILD relocated to Manchester, England last year, after deciding to take a risk and move halfway around the world from their home on the Gold Coast of Australia to pursue their music career. This is a bargain that has slowly paid dividends, the band having earned a solid reputation for their energetic live shows with their catchy modern throwback to the dance rock of the 80’s has seen them sweeping up headline tours across the UK and secure an opening slot for MUTEMATH’s huge European and UK tour.

So when FAIRCHILD got the call to join New York four-piece MOTHXR on the road for a string of UK dates, the answer was of course, hell yes. We tracked the Aussie six-piece down for an exclusive look into the tour – behind the scenes and on-stage, we’ve got you covered.

Day 1 – Manchester

Round up by Tommy Davies (bassist) and Tim Voeten (guitarist)

The first day of the MOTHXR tour and we played at Sound Control. We got to meet the bands (MOTHXR and Natives) for the first time so that pretty cool. I think that’s the best part of any tour getting to meet everybody for the first time, especially if they’re not from the UK. Not to say we go on a lot of tours…but yeah, making any band friends is good. So normally if you’re one of the lower bands like we are, you wait for the main guys to soundcheck and then it just goes in a pecking order until you get to soundcheck yourselves. We were last and by the time it got to us, the doors were open.

So everyone flooded into the stage and we hadn’t even got our equipment on-stage or knew what was going on, we thought we’d just do a line check (a line check is where you make sure your instruments work). This normally takes around 10 minutes but the line check took 40 minutes for some reason. It was a little nerve-wracking, a little bit awkward. I think if people appreciate music, then they’re alright with it.

There was a little bit of banter with Adam and the crowd to keep everyone’s spirits up, we ended up getting through it so it was alright. I think we played pretty well and by the end there was a lot of people that stuck around, and come said hello, wanted to buy t-shirts and wanted to know what the band was doing. We didn’t go crazy on the town afterwards but we’ve got a long eight days so we’ll save ourselves and see how we go. Maybe tonight or tomorrow…


Day 2 – Leeds

Round up by James “Jum” Alexander (drummer) and Rhys Lyons (the band’s manager)

The venue didn’t look like a venue from the outside but when we when in, it was actually an amazing room with a great sound. Sound guy Kev was a legend. The venue had a mascot Charlie, who is a dog that pretty much owns the place.

We made some great new fans and everyone was super excited to come watch us play again. Jum drove back to Manchester with Rhys navigating and Rhys managed to get us lost 3 times on the way back to Manchester. To the point were he snapped and Adam had to swap out. Haha it was pretty funny because an hour drive almost tuned into 2.

As we write this, we’re currently on route to Glasgow. Adam’s mixing songs in the car. Patchy is asleep. And everyone else is drinking. Who would have thought. Until tomorrow.






Day 3 – Glasgow

Round up by Tommy Davies

The people at King Tut’s were very nice. They looked after us and made the band an amazing dinner. And it was amazing food.

It was raining the whole way up from Manchester to Glasgow and as soon as we arrived the sun came out. All the boys were pretty much laying out in front [of the venue] trying to soak up as much vitamin D as possible. We where very happy to be back in Glasgow for the second time and we thought the Glaswegians were super responsive to our music and had some very kind things to say. We can’t wait to come back.

It is tradition to go to a secret venue after playing King Tuts. So all the boys had an in depth bonding session after the show with the other bands and their crew plus a few locals.

fairchild glasgow-4

fairchild glasgow-3

fairchild glasgow-1

fairchild glasgow-2

For part 2 of FAIRCHILD’s tour diary, head on to this very link.

The tour continues through to 10th September, finishing at Brighton’s Green Door Store. For all ticket information and dates head here

All the photo’s have been provided by FAIRCHILD. 

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