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TRACK OF THE DAY: Richard Walters – ‘U’

Richard Walters’ emotive songwriting doesn’t rely on any supplementary gloss, instead it rallies in the purity of honest emotion. With his angelic falsetto and rich tone at the centre-point of each enveloping masterpiece, elegantly soaring higher with every raised caress, Walters’ music becomes a staple. The Oxford native is treating us to another piece from his forthcoming album ‘A.M’ due for release in October, ‘U’ develops Walters’ signature soothing stoicism further in grandiose style.

A raw sincerity holds each romantic sentiment strong in this complicated tale of love and circumstance. The life of a musician can be tough at times – the travelling, the loneliness, the exhaustion – so on those days when the craving for the comforts of home, and the loved ones that await you there starts to become a little less bearable, it’s easy to forget why you chose on this path in the first place. When perspective begins to blur and longing starts to take over, it’s easy to let those doubts overcome you, but here’s where Walters’ kindly wisdom comes in. Explaining the thought process behind the song, he reveals: 

“I started writing ‘U’ during a long, scrappy tour a couple of years back. A promoter had asked me one night if being away so often had or was putting a strain on my relationships at home…it was one of those strange, drunk comments that I ignored at the time but really began to dwell on as the tour moved me further away from London and my wife.

I guess in the smallest hours, stuck on your own in a hotel or sleeping on another sofa, it’s easy to overthink things, see the absolute worst possible outcome. I became convinced that something I cared about so much – making and playing music – was pulling me away from someone so important to me, like it was this huge selfish ego trip I was embarking on. But in the morning there’s clarity, there’s phone calls and there’s reassurances…it’s all ok in the end.”

Richard Walters will headline London’s St. Pancras Old Church on Monday 24th October, his first London show in three years. The night will launch his new album ‘A.M’, for more information and tickets head here.

Photo Credit: Johnny Pugsley

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