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VIDEO PREMIERE: Mere Child – ‘Not Good Enough’

After a three-year hiatus away from music, Aimee Herbert-Smith (the musical creator behind Mere Child) debuts her return with the darkly poignant, self-referential dream-electronica of ‘Not Good Enough’.

Herbert-Smith was compelled to share her journey over the last few years, explaining that the new material is more an out-pouring of emotion which felt necessary for her to release: “I felt the need to start writing and recording in a different way to how I had done before. Somehow, going solo at this point seemed fitting with the content of the songs – more vulnerable and anxiety driven.”

Heavy looped synthesizers and a repeated drum pattern are phased over shimmering jangles of guitar providing a claustrophobic surrounding for Herbert-Smith’s serene vocals to wash over, but this is not to say that her delivery isn’t in anyway unyielding. Her voice is one of resilience not surrender.

The accompanying visuals for the song, which premiere below, are as much a depiction of her fight and her inner strength as the words that are sung, detailing the potency of self-worth alongside the love that we hold for our own flesh and blood. Both music and video play off each other giving light to the other’s darkness. Mere Child is more likely to haunt and displace, than dissipate from view without forming a true connection.

‘Not Good Enough’ will be released on 9th September, via Seahorse Music.

Mere Child will be supporting Bryde on the following UK dates of her upcoming tour:

13th October – London, Courtyard Theatre Tickets
1st November – Brighton, Hope and Ruin Tickets
4th November – Southampton, The Notes Cafe Tickets

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