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TRACK OF THE DAY: Amethysts – ‘My Love’

Amethysts have transcended sounds from raw live guitar to precisely recorded synth effects, producing ‘My Love’ – a case study of how to utilise the power of a male/female harmony, for a riling emotional atmosphere.

An assortment of crisp instrumentals and machines flicker by like streetlights – fast approaching and gone in a second, only to be imminently replaced by the next. The Suffolk duo have covered all the bases, and still push the boat far out to silky electro shores. Clarice’s soft vocals, and Simon’s husky undertones, meet in the middle and truthfully vocalise the heartfelt lyrics – “My blood is awake for you” stands out as a sound example of the intelligent wordcraft amongst the deeply sensual music.

Here is a perfect example of how to create a full, four-piece sound with the man (and woman) power of a two-piece.

‘My Love’ is available to purchase now on iTunes here.

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