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TRACK OF THE DAY: Lowtide – ‘Held’

‘Held’ marks the second offering from Lowtide in recent months. The Melbourne dreamgazers continue to drip feed new tracks that will soon culminate with the release of their debut full-length in August.

Boy-girl vocals join, release and twine together on ‘Held’, acting as the ethereal anchor for the swirling soundscape around them. There is a darker mood to ‘Held’ than was aired on previous outing ‘Wedding Ring’ with blackened guitars urging forth an ominous dusky mist over its sub-three-minute span.

The layering of instrumental parts is dense, but still proves breezy and effervescent as the band practise the art of letting go of animosity. The influences in style of bands like Slowdive and Cocteau Twins are in there and brought into the twenty-first century, but rather than just replicate what’s past, the result is a band that are firmly their own entity.

‘Held’ is taken from Lowtide’s self-titled debut LP, which is due out 5th August on Opposite Number. Pre-order now, for vinyl/CD hit up Rough Trade and for digital iTunes.

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