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TRACK OF THE DAY: Phia – ‘Heartstrings’

Experimenting with new ways of expression and sonic inventiveness is the kind of exploration that we endorse. Sometimes pushing the boundaries of your creativity is a necessary step to progress and evolve. Australian musician Phia has always been adventurous in her art, staying true to her classical roots but never shying away from her creative whims. An avid admirer of tUnE-yArDs and Radiohead, the alt-pop artist studied her influences and crafted a sound that is uniquely refreshing and completely her own.

On new single ‘Heartstrings’, Phia creates a symphony of sound and voice, through multi-layering of instruments and looped motifs. Guitar, hand claps, kalimba, egg shaker and subtle electronics make an appearance within the three-minute span. Solely these elements are effective but when brought together they build a wall of sound that is fortified in passionate exuberance and joyful wonder. This is pop made in the alternative world, yet it’s as irresistible and addictive as anything in the charts right now (if not running leaps and miles ahead of its competition).

Phia’s debut album ‘The Ocean Of Everything’ is due 26th August 2016.

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