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TRACK OF THE DAY: Mikko Joensuu – ‘Sometimes You Have To Go Far’

Scandinavian artist Mikko Joensuu is not afraid to explore the darker depths of the human condition, because of this his music holds a true poignancy and rare vulnerability. Joensuu found that solitude was important for his creativity, fleeing from the distractions of the city he found solace in the sparse beauty of the Finnish woods, the getaway culminated in a trilogy of albums to form.

The first of which is entitled ‘Amen 1’, which fosters a breathtaking release of delicate introspection and fragile sweeping instrumentation. The track featured below, ‘Sometimes You Have To Go Far’, summarises his art in the best possible way. It is a marker for the bittersweet disarray of isolation as much as it is a rejoice for feeling at peace in one’s own body. This is glacial and cinematic melancholy at its boldest and epic best, Joensuu is paving the way for a new age of self-expression to emerge from the folk arena. Tune in below.

‘Sometimes You Have To Go Far’ is taken from the album ‘Amen 1’ which is due for release on 10th June, via Svart Records.

For more on Mikko Joensuu, head to his Website and Facebook

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