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Liverpool born BANNERS feels, breathes and lives emotion. His songs are fundamental, each weaving universal themes of loss, hope, persistence and empowerment. His music is essential and vital, it’s rudimentary expression of the purest kind, which is brought further into focus on new single ‘Half Light’.

‘Half Light’ is a bare bones ballad of vulnerable but wholly epic proportions. Sweeping piano undulates a precise and soaring vocal from BANNERS, never faltering but always flickering with a delicate intensity that intercedes the growing rhythm.

Away from recorded material, BANNERS continues to build his name overseas, after making his US TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently. He followed the appearance with a successful string of US tour dates, and now BANNERS sets his sights on UK shores for this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival. It’s been a whirlwind nine months for BANNERS and the pace is not set to slow any time soon.

‘Half Light’ is available now, via Island Records. Buy on iTunes here.

Photo Credit: Meredith Truax

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