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TRACK OF THE DAY: Inevitable Daydream – ‘Drive All Night’

The esoteric Kent-hailing, now London-based troop spat out their opening statement last month to a celebratory yelp from all who were lucky enough to stumble on the slacker grunge of their delicious debut, ‘Gunblade’. Returning with a wistful slice of equally rambunctious labours, the trio unveil ‘Drive All Night’.

While the band’s leader searches for solidarity within life’s mundane existence, his strung-out hushed tones allow for a feeling of serenity to envelop the space. It’s music to lose yourself in, and in the process you might also find yourself.

‘Drive All Night’ derives from the band’s previous experiences with soul-destroying jobs: “It’s about working a really depressing job and driving every night around Kent with our mate, Yuri. Not knowing what’s going to happen in the future or if there is even a point in anything at all but knowing that you have mates and music and that things will probably be all right” explains singer/guitarist Jack Higham. Let’s face it, two of the most important elements of any happy existence are having people to share these moments with and a sonic accompaniment, whether that’s making music yourself or not.

Inevitable Daydream’s debut release is available now on digital download and limited edition cassette, via Sexx Tapes. Purchase a copy here.

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