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LISTEN IN // Flyte’s Barn On The Farm Festival Playlist

Flyte are a band who wear their hearts on the sleeves. Every little aspect from the music video’s to the press shots to the music itself is precious, honest and heartwarmingly timeless. These Londoners are big on harmonies and drench themselves in feeling.

As one of the artist’s performing at this year’s Barn on the Farm festival, we asked Flyte to share with us their ultimate festival playlist, which comprises of current and past performers. It has everything in there from big joyous moments to sorrowful melancholy and glorious nostalgia. So sit back, press play and enjoy.

Billie Marten – Bird
“Upsettingly young and talented, our good pal Rich Cooper adding some beautiful production also.”

Will Joseph Cook – Girls Like Me
“Loving this guy’s new single, big ol’ pop chorus. Great video too.”

Honne – Gone Are The Days
“Such lovely guys, it’s been amazing seeing them rise higher and higher, long may the ascent continue.”

Hozier – Take Me To Church
“An obvious choice but you just can’t deny how enormous this song is.”

Nizlopi – JCB
“Christmas No.1 in 2005, eat that X Factor.”

Mt. Wolf – Red
“After going silent for a while they returned with this ethereal comeback with an appropriate chorus lyric.”

Lucy Rose – Middle Of The Bed
“After touring with Lucy at the end of last year we got to hear this tune a lot. Still not sick of it.”

Ryan O’Reilly – Boats Against The Current (Live)
“Ryan is an old friend, there’s no official recording of this tune but it’s the break up song to end all break up songs.”

See Flyte at Barn on the Farm 1st – 3rd July. For more information, please visit:

For more on Flyte, head to Facebook and Twitter.

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