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TRACK OF THE DAY: ISLAND – ‘Spotless Mind’

ISLAND were our favourite new band to appear out of 2015, the Londoners have now returned with the first single of a double release. ‘Spotless Mind’ see’s the band find composure in pensive thought, questioning and pondering the ‘what if’s’.

‘Spotless Mind’ grows quietly with softly plucked guitar and cymbals reverberating in the distance, but as soon as the resounding notes of the chorus hit, everything becomes a lot clearer and louder. ISLAND possess an impeccable ability to build soundscapes that resonate on deep levels, each element and instrument builds together to form a tapestry of pure and affecting beauty. And if that’s not enough to convince you to listen below, then click play just because of the almost-movie title, it will be worth it. 

‘Spotless Mind’ is out now, via Beatnik Creative. Buy on iTunes here.

Photo Credit: Sequoia Ziff

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