Vinyl Perspective: Fluffer Records on Record Store Day 2016

Held every third Saturday in April is Record Store Day (taking place on Saturday 16th April this year). Physical formats are very important to us, and with RSD approaching, we wanted to properly celebrate the all mighty vinyl record. So in the lead up, we decided to catch up with a few of our favourite record labels to discuss their cherished memories with the medium, and the RSD release that catches their eye the most. Today’s label in focus is FLUFFER RECORDS.

Written by Al Brown, Founder of FLUFFER RECORDS.

We set up the label 3 years ago over a drunken conversation to release my band Love Buzzards stuff…we’ve been kinda growing since, releasing over 50 new artists now and have a strong events side to the label too. We just roll with it and put all our energy into it and hope that good things will grow. We are 100% about pushing new underground music. There’s a lot of great stuff out there that no-one knows about 😉 Hopefully we can help to change that.

The record that resonates with you the most…

I pretty much wake up most mornings and play In Utereo by Nirvana on my record player. So maybe that one? Means every day starts off well.

The Record Store Day release this year that you’re most excited about…

I’ve got no idea what is being released. Record Store Day isn’t something we get involved with to be honest, it has a bad rep now in our circles of being a lot of major label re-issues and picture discs…but maybe I’m wrong…but I hope it’s a good day for all the record shops and independent labels out there though who are involved! I’ve just had a peek at the list you sent me of all the releases and it kind of blew my mind. Alan Partridge picture disc stood out for sure.

For more on Fluffer Records, head to their website here.

For more on Record Store Day, visit their website here.

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