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TRACK OF THE DAY: Milo Greene – ‘Never Mean It’ (demo)

L.A’s Milo Greene have returned with the promise of their third album and a sparkling new demo to tempt those ears back into play. ‘Never Mean It’ sumptuously wraps around those earlobes in sweet submission, the new cut pre-empts an evolution for the trio in sound and vision.

Subtle minimalism rolls in upon foggy synths, moody flecks of percussive backing, softly flowing reverb and distorted riffs, enveloping the space in a mesmerising glow. The hushed vocals of Marlana Sheetz enter through the void with her fellow band mates building upon this caress, their fragrant vocal parts later expanding into a powerful chorus, lingering on the refrain “but you never say, what you really want.”

‘Never Mean It’ harks back to the days of Fleetwood Mac’s classic ‘Dreams’, both are timeless and effecting tales of harshly learned truths. Like Mac, Milo Greene connect on such a level with their audience that it demands for a strong bond to be formed between both parties, few bands achieve such intimacy, yet they do it so well.

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