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TRACK OF THE DAY: Richard Walters – ‘A.M’

Richard Walters is known for delivering breathtaking compositions strewn with tender sentiments and thoughtful lyrics. His voice carries an emotional weight that tugs at the heartstrings and yearns for connection, but it’s within his latest love note (‘A.M’) that we find Walters at his most vulnerable, and his most strikingly poignant best.

Walters is a wordsmith. One that is most comfortable with romantic declarations, bitter truths and pondering life’s great questions, whilst his stark and emotive soundscapes gracefully counterbalance the heavy gravity of the subject matter. Resting in the early morning dew of the ‘A.M’, Walters grasps at the fears and concerns that await us when we open our eyes. But ‘A.M’ is a love song, first and foremost, dedicated to those that are dearest to us, our lifeline’s that bring us back to reality when we most need it, as Walters explains:

I’m a pretty anxious person…my brain seems to dedicate itself, in the first few moments of the day when I’m (mentally but not physically) alone, to causing me huge concern – bills I need to pay, work I need to finish, places I need to be, I guess it’s the same for a lot of people…the lyric is about that very short period of time, like an airlock between sleep and the day, when I’m without the person that keeps me grounded the most.”

‘A.M’ is endearingly human, and wonderfully pure.

‘A.M’ is taken from Richard Walters upcoming fourth solo album, due early May.

Richard is out on a UK tour this March through April in support. Find the dates below:

25th March – The Acorn Theatre, Penzance
26th March – The Railway, Winchester
27th March – CB2, Cambridge
28th March – The Latest Music Bar, Brighton
20th April – The Castle Hotel, Manchester
22nd April – The Louisiana, Bristol 

For more on Richard Walters, head to his Website.

Photo Credit: Dmitry Serostanov

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