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TRACK OF THE DAY: St Tropez – ‘Order’

Mixed by Grammy Award winning producer Rob Schnapf (linked with Beck and Kurt Vile), St Tropez’ newest track begins as a brooding crawl. The sound is menacing, it wallows in itself only broken by the harsh, screeching vocals. The riff is lazy, effortlessly cool. The bass drags the song along by its ear, kicking and screaming.

A guitar solo from what sounds like a more melodic Kurt Cobain races into a riff that reeks of chaos. The whole song kicks up a notch, leaving any passive listeners blown away and eating the dust left behind this screamer of a single. The chorus, if you could call it that, is aggressive and almost unpleasant.

St Tropez make abrasive sound good, and nasty seem nice.

‘Order’ is available to purchase now on iTunes here.

For more on St Tropez head to Facebook.

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